2019 NYSGA Amateur Series

Host Club: Seven Oaks GC

Date: Tuesday, August 13

Start: 1:00pm shotgun

Entry Fee: $90 per player

Deadline: Tuesday, August 6 at 5pm


Player Information


Listed below if the relevant information to help players prepare for this competition. Please carefully review all information provided and direct any questions to the NYSGA at (315) 471-6979 or amseries@nysga.org.



Listed below are the divisions (selected by players during registration) and assigned tees. A player may change their division only if notice is provided prior to the close of entries. To confirm your division, click here and select the division from the drop-down menu.


  • Men A (0-8.9)..................Maroon (6,423y) || 71.4/132
  • Men B (9.0+)...................Black Combo (5,987y) || 69.3/125
  • Senior Men A (0-9.9) .....Black Combo (5,987y) || 69.3/125
  • Senior Men B (10.0).......Black Combo (5,987y) || 69.3/125
  • Super Senior Men..........White (5,520y) || 67.1/122
  • Women. .........................Grey (5,234y)   || 70.5/123


Schedule of Events

  • 11:30am..........Registration/Range Opens
  • 12:35pm..........Announcements
  • 12:45pm..........Carts to Hole Assignments
  • 1:00pm............Shotgun Start
  • 6:00pm............Awards Ceremony


Arrival Time

Players will not have access to the host club facilities prior to the time registration/driving range is scheduled to open (see above).



Players must check-in at the NYSGA tent, located near the cart staging area, during registration (see above).


Golf Carts

The golf carts at the club will be staged upon your arrival with cart signs to help you quickly locate your ride. Each cart will have a bottle of Saratoga Spring Water, snack, Notice to Players (Rules), tee package, and the scorecard for the players in the other cart.


Driving Range

The use of the driving range is included in your entry. The driving range will open at 11:30am.


Food Service

There are no meals included in the entry for this tournament. F&B availability, food will be available to order at the turn from the clubhouse.  Waiting on to here about the availability of the hot dog stand for Tuesday.


Pace of Play Requirements

Players are mandated to play in the time established by the NYSGA. If a player is unable to do so, he or she may not be able to participate in future events. Some quick pace of play tips:

  • PLAY READY GOLF... this is approved by the Rules as long as it is done safely.
  • CONTINUOUS PUTTING... if you putt and only have a short distance left, putt out.
  • Prepare for your stroke before it is your turn
  • Move quickly between shots and between holes
  • Take no more than 40 seconds to play a shot.


Rules Officials To Help During Play

The NYSGA has terrific volunteer Rules officials who will be available to help with rulings on the golf course and monitor pace of play. They are there to help, so feel free to ask them questions on the Rules or just say hello! The NYSGA will also provide the head official's phone number on each scorecard in case you have a question during play.


Returning Scorecards

The NYSGA is now utilizing two scorecards per group (two players per card). When the round is completed, the player keeping score must confirm the hole-by-hole scores with each player and then all three players (marker and two scorers) must sign the scorecard. 


Groups must return their two scorecards to the scoring area immediately upon returning to the clubhouse.


Do not delay in returning your group's scorecard as this will impact how quickly we can announce prizes.


Prizes and Breaking Ties

Ties are broken using the USGA recommended method of matching scorecards. The top-finishers will be awarded prizes immediately following the last group handing in their signed scorecards. Unclaimed prizes will remain at the host club pro shop for players to pick-up at a later date.