2019 NYSGA Amateur Series

Host Club: Seven Oaks GC

Date: Tuesday, August 13

Start: TBA

Entry Fee: $90 per player

Deadline: Tuesday, August 6 at 5pm




Open to amateur golfers who (1) are members of the NYSGA, defined as belonging to an NYSGA member club or an NYSGA eClub and (2) have an active, up-to-date licensed USGA Handicap Index issued by a member club.


Entries, Field Size, and Wait List

Entries are accepted online only, on a first-come, first served basis. The entry fee is $90 and includes golf, cart, access to the club's range, exclusive tee gifts and prizes. The field is limited to the first 96 players to register, after which players will be added to a wait list (and not charged) in the order that they register. Entries are subject to rejection at any time.


Format and Rules

The format of this tournament is 18 holes of individual stroke play, gross and net (90% course handicap) scores. The USGA Rules of Golf govern play. The ball will be played as it lies (summer rules), unless otherwise noted during pre-shotgun announcements. Rules questions must be referred to NYSGA Rules Officials or, if none are available, the player may play a second ball as provided in Rule 20.1c (2).



Players will compete in divisions based on gender, age, and Handicap Index. Players may choose to compete in any division for which they are eligible, but may not change their division after the close of entries.

  • Men A - 8.9 index or less (all ages, 6300-6600 yards)
  • Men B - 9.0 index or higher (all ages, 6000-6300 yards)
  • Senior Men A - 9.9 index or less (ages 55+, 6000-6300 yards)
  • Senior Men B - 10.0 index or higher (ages 55+, 5800-6000 yards)
  • Super Senior Men - No index restrictions (ages 65+, 5500-5900 yards)
  • Women - No index restrictions (all ages, 5000-5400 yards)



The NYSGA takes serious its responsibility to ensure that the golfers in the NYSGA Amateur Series compete with USGA Handicap Indexes that accurately reflect their potential. Additionally, the NYSGA has established procedures to ensure players do not win a disproportionate amount of prizes.

  • USGA Handicap Index: Players must have active, up-to-date USGA Handicap Index, issued from their NYSGA member club.
  • Definition of "Up-to-Date": An up-to-date USGA Handicap Index is defined as having five scores posted in the previous three posting months.
  • Reductions for Multiple Winners: A player who wins first place (net) in two or more events in a calendar year will have their USGA Handicap Index reduced as follows: after 2nd win 10% reduction of CH, after 3rd win – 20% reduction of CH, after 4th win – 30% reduction of CH, and so forth. Any reduction will be reviewed by the NYSGA on each revision date and may be rescinded as deemed appropriate.
  • Knock Out Rule: A player's net score will be rejected if it beats the course rating by eight or more strokes and beats the next best net score in their division by four or more strokes. 
  • NYSGA Review: The NYSGA reserves the right to review, adjust and/or reject a player's Handicap Index at any time and for any reason.


Pace of Play

Each group must (no exceptions) keep pace with the group ahead of them. The NYSGA official-in-charge will decide any necessary pace of play penalties. Ready golf is strongly encouraged.


Scorecards, Scorecard Returned, and Score Posting

The NYSGA will place scorecards on staged carts (two players per card) so that the driver in the first cart is keeping score for both players in the second cart. When play is completed, the marker and both players must sign the card to confirm its correctness and return it to the NYSGA scoring table, which will be defined during pre-shotgun announcements. A scorecard is deemed to be returned when a player's scorecard has been handed to the NYSGA and the player leaves the club property.


The NYSGA will automatically post scores from this tournament (adjusted for Equitable Stroke Control - ESC) to each player's handicap scoring record. Please do not post your score as this duplicate will need to be removed.



All ties are broken using the USGA recommended method of matching scorecards, which compares the last nine holes (10-18), then last six holes (13-18), last three holes (16-18) and then the final hole (18).


Merchandise Prizes

The top net and gross finishers will receive prizes in the form of pro shop gift certificates. The number net and gross prizes awarded depends on the number of players in a flight. Prizes will be awarded immediately following the conclusion of scoring and unclaimed prizes will be left with the host club pro shop. The NYSGA will not replace any lost or unclaimed gift certificates.


The NYSGA Amateur Series Championship and The Points List

At each NYSGA Amateur Series tournament, players earn points based on their net finish. A player's points total consists of the sum of their top-5 finishes (it is not required that you play in five tournaments). The top-120 players at season end will earn invitations to compete in the NYSGA Amateur Series Championship, hosted by the Schuyler Meadows Club in Albany. To learn more, click here.


Pairings Requests

Pairing requests may be submitted during the registration process. Before submitting a request, ensure that the other player you are requesting knows about and agrees to your request. DO NOT REQUEST A PLAYER(S) WITHOUT THEIR APPROVAL. There are limited cases when pairing requests can't be accommodated.


Carts, Caddies, and Spectators

The use of a cart is required. Caddies are not permitted. Spectators are welcome to attend the tournament but must not interfere with play and may NOT use golf carts. All spectators are asked to stay 'outside the ropes', ensuring the won't interfere with play or conditioning of the course.


Refund Policy

Open Date to Entry Deadline: Full refund minus $10 fee. After Entry Deadline to Day Prior to Tournament Date: Full refund less $30 fee. Withdraw on Tournament Date: No refund.


Dress Code

The NYSGA will strictly enforce a tournament dress code with no exceptions. Collared shirts/mock turtle necks are required, and no jeans, denim, jogging outfits, or sweat pants are permitted.


Cell Phones

The responsible and reasonable use of cell phones during play is permitted only if the phone is set to silent (not vibrate) and its use does not impact any player on the course.


Player Conduct

Players and/or their guests must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times. Any excessive display of anger, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, lack of golfing etiquette or disrespect to a fellow player or any other individual may be grounds or disqualification from any tournament. The NYSGA reserves the right to revoke a player's tournament entry, without a refund, at any time for conduct deemed inappropriate or damaging to the NYSGA Amateur Series.


When Competition is Final

The competition is final when all scores have been approved by the onsite NYSGA official-in-charge and the first prize has been awarded.